Hi, I’m Elena!

I believe that professionals and companies often don’t take enough advantage of the opportunities internet can offer. There are several reasons for that: sometimes it can be intimidating, sometimes they don’t have enough time nor a strategy. Sometimes they are skeptical due to incorrect information they received from so-called “gurus”.

But do you know how much it costs you and your business not having a well-established online presence?

I have worked for many years in the organization of corporate events and international fairs, and I also helped companies manage their booths and communicate with foreign customers.

Although I believe in the synergy between the different forms of advertising and between online and offline marketing, nowadays online marketing is more important. It enables you to achieve great results, that are specific and measurable. All with a lower budget.

Transparency, assistance and consultancy

I believe in always trying to do a little more than required. I have a relentless energy and desire to push your business further.

You don’t have time to spare to manage your profiles on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn or other social media platforms? Are you tired of spending countless hours every week on content creation, posts, responding to comments, managing requests and looking for new followers?

I help you manage all these tasks and build a strong online presence to get you back to what you love most: growing your business.

Stress, chaos and frustration don’t have to be the norm anymore. Discover how you can focus on what matters and get the growth you deserve.

Customer service, clarity and transparency are key. For this reason:

– when your new website is ready, you will also get the opportunity to subscribe to an annual plan for its maintenance, to make sure that it is always updated and secure;

– you get immediate access to your website and domain;

– I show you how you can consult indipendently and at any time the analytics and insights of your website and social media profiles;

– we keep in touch periodically, so that I am updated on your upcoming initiatives and content.
Based on these, we find together the answer to the question: what do we want people to do as a result of seeing your posts? Then I develop the strategy that allows you to reach these objectives;

– I always keep you updated on the progress of our strategy and advertising campaigns (to which you will always have access).

Let’s start working together!

About me

Elena Vasile

Elena Vasile

Web & Marketing

I have a bachelor’s degree in foreign languages, a master in Digital Marketing and have taken hundreds of courses in web development, web design, SEO, marketing, social media management, advertising and more.

I love traveling, flowers and dark chocolate.

My values


Lifelong learning

Internet is in a constant evolution . The algorithms and rules of search engines and social media change often, they are always there new functions or new platforms that can help my clients to be known, etc.

Therefore, the way of building a website and the optimizations that were implemented years ago are no longer current, and can even be counterproductive. This applies also to social media management.

For this reason I continue to train, learn and update my skills, in order to offer my clients the best possible assistance.


It might not be a value but, as Arthur Balfour said: “Enthusiasm moves the world”.

I love my job and I am happy to know that, thanks to my contribution, other professionals or companies can grow, thrive and find new customers.


I cannot guarantee that your website will come up first on Google search results (and please, do not trust those who promise such thing), but I do everything possible to help your potential customers find you easily. I always tell you what I think, because your success is also my success.

Finally, I give you access to the administration panel of your website and to the ad campaings, so that you can check everything at any time.

What I can do for you

Web development

Landing pages

Social media management




Email marketing

Ad campaigns

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